What Is Animal Communication?

Bella headshotPeople often ask me how I can communicate with animals, and how do I know what they are saying? 

I think that its important to be able to explain this, because there must be a degree of trust that what I’m doing has integrity, as many people approach animal communication with a great deal of scepticism.

Before we evolved to communicate with language, mammals could already resonate emotionally with each other, and we still have the ability within us to sense and understand emotion as an electromagnetic frequency, a process called limbic resonance.

To get an idea, imagine you have just walked into a room and what do you feel? The very first thing you feel is the atmosphere of the room and that is created by the electromagnetic frequency of the emotions that are currently present or have recently been present in that room; for example if you go into a church you may feel a very distinct atmosphere of love and peace.

If you can feel the frequency in a room, it’s not too difficult to conceive how you could start to feel the emotions and frequency coming from another being or animal. It just takes a lot more practice and sensitivity.

Another aspect of our evolution that we now disregard in modern times is that we all have the ability to detect energy fields, and their qualities, it’s just that in western society we have relinquished this sixth sense in as we are no longer being stalked by a sabre tooth tiger, or feeling our way through a forest in the dark.
So, we can all feel emotions and energy as an intrinsic mammalian function, which explains a great deal of how we understand others. Animal communication is simply an extension of this function, and anyone can do it if they practice enough.

I have become much more familiar with my in-built sensitivities and developed them to become very perceptive of all the information that an animal is sharing with me. So, the part of my brain that receives emotional information has become a more powerful antenna. To develop this, I have spent a great deal of time practising being still in the present moment in a meditative state, and it has also required a lot of personal and emotional self-development so that I can differentiate between my own thoughts and projections and those that am receiving from an animal.

I can feel the emotions and physical sensations within the animal’s body as if they were my own. Again, this is explained through electro-magnetic resonance. Information from the animal comes to me as images in my head, and strangely, the same thing happens when someone gives me a clear verbal description of something, so there is clearly an ability within our brains to transmit nonverbal information, even if words are also there to back it up. Great minds think alike!

When I am doing a healing or communication consultation, I will uncover information as I scan through the energy fields of the body, and, I can act as a ‘go-between’ for you to ask your animal any questions. Although animals do not have the same sense of time that we have, so it is not impossible for them to give us dates.Sally in a healing consultation with Naomi and her labrador Beau
Many times I have brought a lot of peace and resolution to owners as they are able to make sense of what they already knew, and gain insights into there animals behaviour that allows them to make positive changes to management.

I bring a great deal of professionalism and integrity to my work. It matters greatly to me that I convey as accurately as possible what is happening for your animal, and as it is their welfare and your relationship with them that is important, then that is my focus too. Healing and communication are very valuable complimentary therapies and can be extremely useful to animal and owner but it is never a substitute for veterinary care.

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